Team of Volunteers Acquires Barn Boards

The crew takes a break for lunch under a sunny sky.

A group of five museum volunteers recently retrieved about 350 square feet of exterior boards from a barn at North Powder that is slated for demolition and an additional 2oo square feet from another barn nearby. The participants detached the boards from the barn, removed the nails and hauled them on a flat-bed trailer to the museum, where they were unloaded and stacked in the courtyard. The boards will be used to line the interior of the north portion of the Livery Station.

Blanche stands in the recently opened wall.

Curator Blanche Kohler said the museum board has planned all along to eventually add the barn boards and jumped at the opportunity when these boards were offered to the museum. The timing is perfect as the museum has closed for the winter, allowing time to complete the changes.

David Schmidt, the museum carpenter, is busy installing the barn boards in the Livery Station in preparation for the Homestead Act exhibit, on loan from the National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center, to be completed in time for the  2013 museum opening on Mother’s Day.

We thank the VP Ranch and the D2 Ranch for their donation of barn boards.

Volunteer team: Blanche & Gary Kohler, Dick Hohstadt, Janet Dodson, Alex Miller. Lunch provided by Sharon Hohstadt.

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