Congratulations! Oregon Cattlemen’s Association

Cowboys Then & Now traces the history of cattle and cattle ranching in America.

The Union County Museum congratulates the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association ¬†(OCA) on reaching their century mark! One hundred years of working together, addressing the challenges shared by cattle ranchers across the state is a real achievement.

As you travel to and from the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association Centennial Celebration, in Baker City, June 20-22, we invite you to stop by the Union County Museum in Union. You will especially enjoy the Cowboys Then & Now Collection, originally created by the OCA and the Oregon Beef Council and installed in their Portland, Oregon, office before being given its new home in Union in 1997.

The UCM volunteer crew dismantles a barn near North Powder for the interior of the Livery Station (2012).

The newly installed Homestead Act Exhibit in our Livery Station building will also be of interest to you. This exhibit is on loan to the UCM from the National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center at Baker City, for which we thank them.  Note: the walls in this exhibit are lined with boards from historic barns on the VP Ranch (Martin) and the D2 Ranch (Dodson) at North Powder and from barns in Cove and Haines.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Union County Museum!

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