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Restore Oregon Presents the 2017 Annual Heritage Barn Workshop – Learn Best Practices & Techniques

On Saturday, October 7, Restore Oregon will host their 2017 Annual Heritage Barn Workshop, where barn owners will Baker County Tourism to provide this exceptional educational opportunity. learn from experts practical solutions on how to maintain, rehabilitate, and adapt old barns for today’s needs. The workshop will highlight the history and technology of barns, as well as barn maintenance, adaptive reuse, and preservation, and funding options available for owners of heritage barns in Oregon.

Heritage barns remain an iconic symbol of rural America and our agricultural heritage. Restore Oregon has pulled together some of the state’s and the region’s most well-versed “barn people” to share their skills and expertise with other barn owners. Lunch for participants will be served at the UCM Little White Church. Restore Oregon has partnered with the Eastern Oregon Visitors Association, Union County OSU Extension Office, Wallowa County Chamber of Commerce, Wallowa County Grain Growers, and Baker County Tourism to provide this exceptional educational opportunity.

Event Details: 2017 Annual Heritage Barn Workshop                                   Saturday, October 7, from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.                                                                 Cost is $10 per ticket, includes snacks, beverages, and lunch                                       Held at OSU Eastern Oregon Agriculture Research Center in Union                         Please pre-register at                            For more information, please call Janet Dodson, 541.786.8006.

Union County Museum Announces Annual Meeting Guest Speakers

The Union County Museum Society is pleased to have two guest speakers at their annual meeting this Friday, October 6, at 7 p.m. – Dan Everhart of Restore Oregon and Richard Engeman of Oregon Rediviva. Both gentlemen are visiting Union County as presenters of the Restore Oregon Barn Restoration Workshop, October 7.

Richard Engeman, a history researcher and writer and Restore Oregon volunteer, will talk about how his interest in the history of Oregon’s foodways led him to volunteer with the Oregon Century Farm & Ranch Program, and then with Restore Oregon’s task force on barns and other historic agriculture structures and to help with the annual barn workshop.

“A sense of place has always been important to me,” said Richard. “I look at how the buildings we build reflect our values and interests.” Richard says the red livestock barn at Union Research Station is a noteworthy landmark that is visually striking for those who live near it, and it is a reminder of how things were done in the past. As an evocative link to a former way of life, “don’t you think we should find a way to keep it?!”

Dan Everhart, Preservation Program Manager at Restore Oregon, earned his Masters degree in Historic Preservation from University of Vermont and spent time as the Architectural Historian for the Idaho Department of Transportation and the US Forest Service. He will discuss the status of historic preservation in Union County and talk about Restore Oregon; what they do and who they are.

Founded in 1977, and originally called the Historic Preservation League of Oregon, Restore Oregon is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization which advocates for sound preservation policy and legislation. Their mission is to preserve, reuse and pass forward the historic places that create livable communities. Each year, the organization provides statewide educational programming and technical assistance, while working to save the sites and structures featured on their annual list of Oregon’s Most Endangered Places. They hold over 40 conservation easements on historic properties, thereby protecting them in perpetuity. Learn more at