The Livery Station includes a blacksmith exhibit.

The Livery Station houses a Blacksmith exhibit, an antique carriage and freight wagon, and a peak into a pioneer cabin’s interior.

The walls of the Livery Station are lined with boards from dismantled historic barns near North Powder and Cove. The boards were used by museum carpenter/craftsman David Schmidt to create scaled false fronts of a barn, office and retail shop.  

Saddles from the museum collection are displayed in front of boards from area barns.








The General Store

The museum’s exhibits tell the stories of people, places and times, beginning with  pre-settlement and continuing through the twentieth century. Newly created in 2015, the General Store invites museum guests to step into the past to view shelves filled with items used in daily life during the early 20th Century. 

Museum exhibits include:

  • Cowboys, Then & Now Collection
  • Agriculture, Timber & Transportation
  • Pioneer Cabin
  • The Livery Station
  • The General Store (2015)
  • World War I & Union County (2016)
  • Union County Century Farms
  • The Cobbler’s Shop
  • Hells Canyon Hat Point Lookout
  • A River Runs Through It
  • Northeast Oregon Mining
  • Period Rooms
  • Community Histories

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