Cowboys, Then & Now

Truth or Fiction? Cowboys ignite the imagination.

True story, legend or myth?
Find them all in the men and
women who settled the west.

The Cowboys, Then & Now Exhibit features a time line that traces the history of cattle and cowboys in America. Discover how domestic cattle made their way to America and became an icon of the American west. The exhibit includes cowboy tack and gear, breeds of cattle, modern ranching and how Hollywood played a role in building cowboy legends and lore.

This popular exhibit was acquired from the Oregon Cattlemen’s Foundation in 1997 when the museum that housed the exhibit in southeast Portland was closed. The UCM responded to a request for proposals and was successful in bringing the exhibit to a new home in the heart of cattle country.

Zack, the talking cowboy, and Cookie bring life during cattle drives to life.


The wonderful CT&N exhibit occupies the south building of the museum.

Can you identify the Hollywood heroes?

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